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Testimonial from Deirdre Nolan, Eating Freely Therapist in Dublin, Ireland

“The Eating Freely training programme is a comprehensive course packed with information and practical tools. Emma delivers her training in a very interactive and very enjoyable way and provides plenty of support. At the end of this course I felt well equipped to take on new clients. The structure of the program is uncomplicated and laid out clearly. There are handouts and exercises for each session, which clients really appreciate. I particularly like the neuroscience piece as it gives the client a great understanding of how their thoughts and feelings are connected to their dieting and bingeing, and it shows them clearly how they can break out of the cycle of emotional eating – such a relief for them. 

I was a little nervous at first taking on an entire new model, but now that I have started working with clients I can see how relevant it is. My client’s feedback is really rewarding. I feel that they trust me and I ‘get’ what they are going through. More importantly, they see real progress in a short time and things actually changing for them as a result of the program. It is so encouraging not just for clients, but for me too as their Therapist.”

Additional Therapist Feedback

The Freedom 360° Program

“Having worked as a therapist in Eating Disorders services in the UK for over a decade I was very curious to learn more about the Eating Freely approach to therapy for people with emotional eating.

I completed the training with Emma in Dublin in October 2018 and I have to say that I found the whole program to be extremely comprehensive!

Emma has used her vast knowledge and experience of working with clients to produce a well tested and systematic approach to tackling binge eating.

When the client first enters the program there are a range of easy to use and well thought out practical and cognitive tools to help get their eating behaviours back on track. Each of the early sessions has a particular area to focus on, which I have found really helps me as the therapist to address the disordered eating in a very logical and orderly way.

Explanatory and educational videos are presented online for the client to back up all the information given by the therapist in the sessions, and there is a private support group that clients have access to throughout the programme too.

The clients that I have worked with so far have all reported finding the tools simple to use but also extremely helpful and effective.

Once the client has begun to stabilise their eating patterns then the therapist can begin to explore more of the deeper underlying issues in more detail... Addressing trauma, family dynamics, unmet needs, inner child work, and so on. There is a strong focus within the program on self-love, self-care, and on building self-esteem, and the program also supplies guided meditations to the therapist to assist with this.

Clients are constantly encouraged throughout the program to focus on finding healthier ways to meet the emotional needs that their disordered eating previously served to conceal.

I would highly recommend the Eating Freely training to any therapist looking for a tried and tested approach to working with clients with emotional eating, and I am very happy to be part of the Eating Freely team.“

Louise George
Dublin, Ireland

Working with Men

"I was amazed how well this programme worked for these clients.

Neither men had a pre-existing condition and therefore came to this voluntarily to deal with their unhappiness around their relationship with food. Both were employed in business.

I found that having the structure of the course helps both clients and I engage in the sessions from the beginning.

Both men engaged with homework. For me, the discussions around homework gave access and opportunity for discussion of eating rituals meanings of food history and culture also the uncovering of habits.

There is a significant amount of input/information in the first 3 sessions but it builds confidence in the clients ability to see ways to make changes. And the addition of the nutritional therapy consultation adds to all this new information to deal with the problem of weight. Both men reported that by the 3rd session they were eating better had implemented some changes and had fewer periods of remorse due to binging.

The shift happens when there is less focus on food and more on their thoughts, behaviour and feelings.

But most interesting by the 3rd session the language of feelings has been subtly introduced. This then helps the integration of body sensation in response to the feelings... It was wonderful to weave in an integrative approach from a structured program.

The therapist client relationship deepens after the third session with much more focus on coming to know themselves and uncover some of the un-grieved losses of their past.

Both men acknowledged that they had not realised that there had been such an emotional base to their disordered eating.

Learning the language to express their feelings and basically come out of their head into their bodies."

Roseleen Flaherty
Dublin, Ireland

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