1 Day CPD Approved Masterclass 
for Health Professionals - Online

Introduction to Working with Eating Disorders - Emotional and Binge Eating. 

Learn the Do's and Don'ts of working with clients on all parts of the Binge Eating 

Disorder Spectrum, from Emotional Eating to Bulimia, and everything in between.

UPCOMING DATES:  Last Thursday of each month, except August when there will be no workshop.

 28th May,   Sold Out 

25th June,  Sold Out

23rd July,  

24th September, 

22nd October, 

26th November 2020. 

TIME: 10AM - 4PM

FEE:  55 Euro



HOW TO BOOK: Scroll down below the short video to book your place.

This Online, CPD Approved Training is designed to help any Health Professional to understand more fully what drives emotional eating and binge eating, so they can be more effective in supporting clients who struggle with their food and eating.  

Whether you are in private practice or working with a team, this practical and interactive Live Online Masterclass will teach you:


-   The four main diagnoses of disordered eating, and what you need to know about working with each of them;

-   The common personality traits for clients with disordered eating and how best to support them with this in mind;


-   What the true drivers and triggers of emotional eating are and how to break them for clients;

- Why willpower has nothing to do with dieting or not bingeing - it it not them, it is their brain!

- How specific CBT tools can quickly and effectively reduce episodes for clients, taking them out of crisis around their eating;

- How mindfulness and self-compassion can unlock permanent change for clients.

Your Trainer, Emma Murphy is a Disordered Eating Specialist Psychotherapist for over 10 years, and now provides CPD approved training in this specialist area to other health professionals.

Binge Eating Disorder is not a food or weight issue, it is a mental and emotional health issue. Binge Eating Disorder has been classified as an Eating Disorder since 2013 (DSM V), and many governing organisations classify Eating Disorders as a specialist area requiring specialist training .  

Clients need this specialist support to effectively separate their food from their feelings, and re-learn how to healthily manage both.  Evidence based interventions of CBT, Neuroscience, Nutritional Rehabilitation and Mindful Self-Compassion are interwoven in our program to truly support clients in finding true freedom around food and their feelings, forever.

If you work for a counselling organisation, funded agency or NHS Trust, we can invoice your organisation for this 6 CPD Hours Approved Training.

I look forward to meeting you online!




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If you wish us to invoice your organisation for this 6 Hour, CPD Approved Training then please email us here with your booking request, confirming whom we can issue your invoice to. We will then issue your invoice and confirm your place by email.

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