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We deliver professionally approved, specialist training for Coaches and Therapists who want to work with adults struggling with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating, and provide ongoing support to our Practitioners to grow a thriving, stress-free practice.

Why Join Eating Freely™?

Eating Freely is about so much more than just training to work with clients with Emotional Eating & Binge Eating.  Our goal is to create a genuine, compassion-led movement that supports both all our Clients AND our therapists to not just survive, but to thrive.  

Joining our International Licensed Network of Practitioners offers many "solopreneurs" to develop a clear pathway to specialist success.  From Level 1 Training in working 1-to-1 with Emotional Eating clients, to Level 4 Train the Trainer / Territory Manager, we work alongside our Licensed Practitioners every step of the way to empower them to succeed in working in a way that fits with their passion for helping people reach their true potential.  Our Practitioners Show by Doing, as you also reach your own full potential!


Dieting, Weight Loss, Overeating, Restriction, Body Image, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Bulimia…..

As a health professional in any discipline, it is unlikely you will go any length of time without having clients who are struggling with one or more of the above issues.  The problem is, when does their presenting problem tip over from support around food, weight loss and exercise – or indeed something apparently unrelated like anxiety or low mood - and into Disordered Eating, which is not about food or weight, but about feelings and emotions?


When you Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

Quite apart from every client we have ever had being in and out of every diet and weight loss program imaginable, I’ve lost count of the clients who have told me they went to see someone else before me, and although that other professional was able to help with their anxiety/relationship breakup/work related stress, the client will tell me  “they didn’t really do anything about the food”, or “I don’t think they understood about my eating, they just ignored it”, or “they said if I sorted out my anxiety the emotional eating would go away, but it hasn’t”.

We know that up to 30% of adults seeking support with weight loss actually meet the criteria for Disordered Eating.  And they will NEVER find the solution they are looking for in a diet or weight loss program, because those service providers do not understand disordered eating and mis-diagnose those clients as having a food/weight issue, not an emotional or mental health issue.

These clients are significantly under-served – by the weight loss industry to be sure, but also by Coaches and Therapists who do not have the specialist skills to resolve disordered eating. And this specialist service is in high demand – 30% of adults within the US$100 billion+ weight loss industry cannot find the help they truly need.  That’s where we come in.


The Business Opportunity for YOU.

Becoming a Licensed Eating Freely Practitioner is a decision to grow and develop your business. Being in the Eating Freely network will allow you to:

Move from being a Generalist to a Specialist;

Be part of an International Network of Coaches and Therapists, united in a common goal to professionally serve clients with expertise and compassion;

Develop a career pathway – a difficult thing to do as a Solopreneur Therapist or Coach.  Our ongoing CPD training will develop your skills, offer opportunities to promote yourself (in the absence of a boss or line manager to do it for you!), and grow your income. We offer year on year CPD training which is included in  your re-licensing fee!:

Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Licensed Coach/Practitioner

A 12 Session, 1-to-1 Program for Clients that can be delivered in person, or online. 

Suitable for clients who have turned to food as a coping strategy for stress or a relatively recent emotional event, or clients who have fallen badly off track with healthy, balanced eating due to life stressors and are using food to cope.

Practitioner Level: Mindfulness for Emotional Eating can be delivered by a Qualified Coach or Therapist

Part of the Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Training includes a One Day Workshop Program - this is an additional revenue generating service AND it also brings clients into your 12 Week Program - win/win!


How You Benefit: Client / Practitioner Contract and Fees

Once you have completed your clinical training, the Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Program is contracted with the client and paid for in advance up front, or in 2 installments. As part of the client onboarding process you sign your client into their Eating Freely App / Online Portal which we manage centrally.

The Program is delivered to clients 1-to-1*, and includes client access to additional online resources, a peer community group of other program participants and the ability for our Coaches to share additional material, resources and support with their clients via the Eating Freely Online Portal. This between-session support is a valuable component of the program to clients.


What does the Licensing Agreement Include?

We provide a comprehensive package of training and support for all of our Licensees, as follows:

In Person Clinical Training

New Licensees are invited to an in-person course which incorporates full training in your chosen program, as well as all the tools and resources you need to work with clients so you can get started straight away on completion of the training;

Online Training

This in-person classroom induction and learning is followed up with a further two half days of group online training to cover the marketing and business systemisation of your practice and all that entails (see below);

Generous CPD points for our training

Our training carries significant CPD points from the IACP in Ireland and the ACA in Australia.  We are currently in the process of securing internationally recognised CPD points. We are also in the process of securing CE credits with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Comprehensive training in marketing

Expert training in how to market yourself locally as an Emotional Eating Specialist plus all the branded marketing materials you need to do so. 

Training in the business of therapy

Not all Coaches or Therapists are naturally good administrators! Part of our training gives practical support in how to put systems and some easy to use software in place to make your life a whole lot easier and less stressful.  We believe that by supporting our practitioners in being successful, we will reach more clients who need our help. And when you make a good living from your chosen work… that’s when you are participating in a wonderful circle of mutual reciprocity with your clients. The better you are at what you do and how you do it, the more clients you can support.

Protected catchment area

We guarantee you access to a defined geographical territory, and will only award a certain number of licenses in any given area to ensure all Practitioners receive regular referrals and can build a successful practice through our network. 

Brand Awareness Raising

We fully support all of our practitioners with our centralised online marketing function for Eating Freely worldwide which means:

  1. We will link your website with ours so potential clients in your area can easily contact you from our website;
  2. We use geo-targeted ads for Google to raise awareness of where our Therapists are located;
  3. We will provide full training in how to successfully convert suitable enquiries into clients, and how to streamline your online presence and social media so your affiliation to Eating Freely International and therefore your implied expertise is clear to your followers/potential clients.

Ongoing support from Eating Freely HQ: 

We provide comprehensive ongoing support too:

- Online Peer Group Supervision;

- Membership of our online community of Therapists and Coaches via the Practitioners Only Online Portal;

- Annual CPD points for attending our yearly event for all Eating Freely Practitioners;


Train with us, join our International Network and bring your business to the next level

If you are a qualified, accredited mental health professional, a Certified Health Coach and member of a recognised coaching body or a Registered Nutritional Therapist and are interested in completing our Training, see below.



Eating Freely Training and Licensing - In Person Intensive Training

Dates: Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th March 2020

Fee: €1,295, payable with a deposit of €250 and 11 monthly instalments of €95.

Register and confirm your place with your Deposit

Full Payment Discount Fee: €995 

To  register and confirm your place with the full fee discount, please contact and we will send a payment link to you.


Sign up to complete training online, available from 20th April 2020.

Register and confirm your place with your deposit


Eating Freely Training and Licensing 

Dates: Thursday 14th - Sunday 17th May 2020

Fee: £1,295, payable with a deposit of £250 and 11 monthly instalments of £95

Register and confirm your place with your deposit

Full Payment Discount Fee: £995 

To  register and confirm your place with the full fee discount, please contact and we will send a payment link to you.


Sign up to complete training online, available from 20th April 2020.

Register and confirm your place with your deposit


Eating Freely Training and Licensing 

Dates: Thursday 18th - Sunday 21st June 2020

Fee: AUD$2,195, payable with a deposit of $575 and 11 monthly instalments of $145.

Register and confirm your place with your deposit

Full Payment Discount Fee: AUD$1,595

To  register and confirm your place with the full fee discount, please contact and we will send a payment link to you


Sign up to complete training online, available from 20th April 2020.

Register and confirm your place with your deposit

Annual Re-Licensing Criteria

All practitioners wishing to re-license in year 2 and beyond will need to meet re-licensing criteria as outlined in the Licensing Agreement. This includes for example seeing a minimum number of clients per year, attending a minimum number of Online Peer Group Supervision sessions so we can ensure all practitioners are very familiar with the program material, and maintaining the integrity of our program and its delivery.  

Annual Re-Licensing INCLUDES your next level CPD training in each given year!

Learn More about the Eating Freely Model of Treatment

This is Melanie, who worked online from South Africa with a Therapist in Ireland.

We were truly delighted to see how Melanie did on our program working online with Sue, her Eating Freely Therapist and Linn, her Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist.  It was an absolute joy for me to see this video and to see how Melanie has blossomed since she attended her assessment with me.  I hope it gives you a sense of how our program works for our clients, which is what our work is all about - helping clients to break free from food obsession, guilt and shame, forever.

Meet Emma Murphy - Eating Disorders Specialist Psychotherapist

I'm Emma Murphy, the creator of the Eating Freely Program and now CEO/Clinical Director of Eating Freely Limited, and I'd like to explain why I am so passionate about developing Eating Freely into the World's Leading Network of Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Specialists.

My first supervisor once told me, "You get the clients you need".  As a newly minted Psychotherapist I did not really understand what this meant, but over time I got it.   From the very first day  back at college at the age of 30 starting my psychology degree, I had always been drawn to working with disordered eating - writing essays on the subject, researching it and reading all around every aspect of it.

I believed at the time that my interest stemmed from what I can only call pity - feeling sorry for anyone who could not fully enjoy food or any social event revolving around food - because I myself LOVE food! I love good food, good wine, good company, and I am a pretty good cook too.

The Disordered Eating Personality Type

But over time, my supervisor's words began to make more sense to me. I have never had an eating disorder, but oh boy do I share the personality type that goes with disordered eating!  Perfectionistic, all-or-nothing thinker, very black/white, all up in my head/cognitive, and with a constant negative critical voice running inside my head.  I had more than a touch of the 'people pleasing' habit too - although I was ambitious and enjoyed challenging myself in work, I could be strangely unassertive and afraid to upset others in a lot of situations.

'You get the clients you need' for me reflects the truth that I AM my clients!  As Therapists, we all are.  Whether you say "If you spot it, you got it", or you simply wonder with colleagues how it is that clients synchronistically keep turning up with issues and presenting problems that strangely mirror stuff going on in your own life... that's the underlying energy surrounding this wonderful, challenging, fascinating, exhausting vocational work we do.

I've had some of the best experiences of my life - both enjoyable and deeply challenging - during my 10+ years of working with Disordered Eating clients.  This work has given me the greatest gift ever, the gift of self-awareness and personal development.  There is no job like ours if you fully embrace every aspect of it.

Moving From One to Many

However, one of the key challenges in our line of work is burn out or compassion fatigue.  Over the years, I regularly had more clients than I could handle myself and very few if any referral options - not a lot of other Health Professionals do what I do!  As I approached 50 I made a decision - to develop a robust, approved training program so I could teach others to do what I do, so together we could impact significantly more adults struggling with Emotional Eating and Binge Eating.

After 2 years of training almost 40 professionals here in Ireland and testing every part of our business model, in 2019 I personally retired as a Psychotherapist in order to fully commit to training and licensing other professionals. 

We at Eating Freely are excited to bring this specialist Licensed Practitioner Training to you.  Over the past two years I've seen first hand how Irish Therapists have gone from earning €50 an hour with unreliable client referrals, inconsistent revenue from month to month and no real marketing or business admin knowledge - to telling me they have no capacity to take another referral, and booking clients for programs that earn them over €100 per session.  I love my work!

Louise George, Eating Disorders Therapist from the UK, now living in Cork, Ireland.

"Having worked as a therapist in Eating Disorders services in the UK for over a decade I was very curious to learn more about the Eating Freely approach to therapy for people with emotional eating.  
I completed the training with Emma in Dublin in October 2018 and I have to say that I found the whole program to be extremely comprehensive!
Emma has used her vast knowledge and experience of working with clients to produce a well tested and systematic approach to tackling binge eating.
When the client first enters the program there are a range of easy to use and well thought out practical and cognitive tools to help get their eating behaviours back on track. Each of the early sessions has a particular area to focus on, which I have found really helps me as the therapist to address the disordered eating in a very logical and orderly way.
Explanatory and educational videos are presented online for the client to back up all the information given by the therapist in the sessions, and there is a private support group that clients have access to throughout the programme too. The clients that I have worked with so far have all reported finding the tools simple to use but also extremely helpful and effective.
Once the client has begun to stabilise their eating patterns then the therapist can begin to explore more of the deeper underlying issues in more detail... Addressing trauma, family dynamics, unmet needs, inner child work, and so on. There is a strong focus within the program on self-love, self-care, and on building self-esteem, and the program also supplies guided meditations to the therapist to assist with this.
Clients are constantly encouraged throughout the program to focus on finding healthier ways to meet the emotional needs that their disordered eating previously served to conceal.
I would highly recommend the Eating Freely training to any therapist looking for a tried and tested approach to working with clients with emotional eating, and I am very happy to be part of the Eating Freely team.“ Louise George, Cork
Roseleen Flaherty, Psychotherapist in Dublin, on using Eating Freely with her first two male clients.

"I was amazed how well this programme worked for these clients. Neither men had a pre-existing condition and therefore came to this voluntarily to deal with their unhappiness around their relationship with food. 

I found that having the structure of the course helps both clients and I engage in the sessions from the beginning. Both men engaged with homework. For me, the discussions around homework gave access and opportunity for discussion of eating rituals meanings of food history and culture also the uncovering of habits.

There is a significant amount of input/information in the first 3 sessions but it builds confidence in the clients ability to see ways to make changes. And the addition of the nutritional therapy consultation adds to all this new information to deal with the problem of weight. Both men reported that by the 3rd session they were eating better had implemented some changes and had fewer periods of remorse due to bingeing.

The shift happens when there is less focus on food and more on their thoughts, behaviour and feelings. But most interesting by the 3rd session the language of feelings has been subtly introduced. This then helps the integration of body sensation in response to the feelings... It was wonderful to weave in an integrative approach from a structured program.

The therapist client relationship deepens after the third session with much more focus on coming to know themselves and uncover some of the un-grieved losses of their past. Both men acknowledged that they had not realised that there had been such an emotional base to their disordered eating. Learning the language to express their feelings and basically come out of their head into their bodies."


"Teaching style was excellent, good pace, engaging. Plenty of room and time for questions and feedback".

"Excellent course, delivered brilliantly. Easy to follow, and makes a lot of sense. Organised and structured really well, with a lot of support throughout".

"I learned more than I was expecting, which I can use in so many ways. A great group, full of information, experience and congruence - very enjoyable".

"Excellent, thank you Emma - this is wonderful what you are doing, I enjoyed it. Thank you for all you gave over the course and the support going forward!"

The Eating Freely Ethos

We take great care of our Practitioners, so they can take great care of their clients.

We are a community of practitioners and clients, all united in our desire to live our best lives, and support everyone else in the network to do the same.

We empower people to let go of their past with understanding, forgiveness and gratitude, so they can move on to live their OWN desired future.

We have an incredible opportunity right now to make a significant difference.  Emotional Eating, Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia need to be understood, recognised and talked about as part of the current focus on obesity-related health and wellbeing initiatives.  

Up to 30% of adults seeking weight loss solutions are looking in the wrong place, because their issue is not really a food or weight issue, it is emotional eating or binge eating - both of which are emotional and mental health issues. The US$100Billion+ weight loss industry CANNOT serve these clients, because they mis-diagnose the issue as a food/weight problem.  YOU can become part of the solution and impact hundreds of women and men struggling in their relationship with food, their feelings, and themselves.

Every Practitioner in our network gets to make a significant difference in the lives of their clients, and community, every day - without compromising themselves or selling themselves short. 

We don't take ourselves too seriously - it is VERY important to let our hair down and have some Irish inspired 'Craic' every now and then, that's why we will gather as a group annually to celebrate our community and contribution together!

Make 2020 The Year of Growth in YOUR Practice! 

So now that you know more about us and what we can offer you to significantly develop your practice, and your income, why not book your place on the most convenient training location for you.  You can secure your place at the Early Bird Rate before it expires on 31st December 2019 with a deposit of €200, and the balance can then be paid in two installments - one at the end of January and the second at the end of February.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email Gillian, our wonderful Administrator, directly on gillian(at)

I am really looking forward to meeting you.



© 2020 Eating Freely 

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